Home of the Sloth

Costa Rica & Panama

The sloth is the world’s slowest mammal, so slow that algae will grow on its coat. This is a two-toed sloth, a little larger than the three-toed sloth.  Both types have three toes on the back feet.  The “toes” are actually large curved claws that give the creature a strong grip on branches

The sloth is a tree-dwelling or arboreal mammal.

They seldom come down from the trees.

It may make the hour journey to the forest floor to defecate once a week. They are most vulnerable while on the ground in that

they only have one speed...very slow.

Their multi-chambered stomach allows the sloth to eat large amounts of foliage, berries, shoots, rodents and insects.

It can take a month for the food to be digested.

The sloth uses it’s flexible snout to grasp foliage high up in the rain forest canapy

Costa Rica is said to possess the

greatest density of species in the world

The Jesus Christ Lizard or Basilisk lisard

Named because they can scurry across the surface of the water.

Ctenosaura similis

Crocodile Tail

Here is a link to a video study of Costa Rica: